Sarah Chalke, Younger than She Ever Imagined

Sarah Calke rose to public prominence for her role as Dr. Elliot Reid on the NBC/ ABC comedy series Scrubs. And recently she is well-known for portraying Stella Zinman in the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. She has also made a recurring role in the third season of the sitcom Cougar Town which aired by ABC. She started her acting career at the age of eight by appearing in musical theatre productions. At the age of 12 Chalke became a reporter on the Canadian children’s show KidZone. She took over the role of Rebecca Conner-Healy on Roseanne after the previous cast left the series in 1993. When the show came to an end, she returned to Canada and starred in the television drama Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy from 1998 to 1999.

She started her role as Dr. Elliot Reid from 2001 and gained much popularity. Besides that Chalke has appeared in several feature films including Ernest Goes to School and Cake. In 2008 she appointed as the spokesperson for a line of women’s underwear by Hanes that included a series of commercials. In 2008 and 2009 Chalke stole wider attention by her appearances in How I Met Your Mother as Stella Zinman. As in 2013, Chalke played the character of a frantic mother named Casey Hedges in the Grey’s Anatomy. Besides her work as an actress, Chalke is known for her philanthropy activity, especially in breast cancer case, particularly because she lost her aunt and grandmother to breast cancer. Since then she is in the campaign to encourage breast cancer detection and prevention. She is also become an ambassador for the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Foundation.

Refined Look for Raising Career

It seems that the actress realized the demand of being an international entertainer in which appearance is one of the essential factors which determines someone’s career. And the rumor of Sarah Chalke plastic surgery spread in several entertainment media headlines, including the people’s comment about the changes in the look of Sarah Chalke before and after plastic surgery. The first noticeable change in the actress’ look which supports the rumor is how she gets refined nasal feature. The flat bridge and bulbous tip had changed into the better looking nose as the proof of plastic surgery. The actress seems to gain much benefit from Rhinoplasty procedure because the result gives her more feminine look compare to before plastic surgery. It makes her looks more confident to pose in front of the camera and enjoy her rising career as an actress.

Good Luck for Injection

It is also suggested that the mother of a child had let injection inserted to her face in order to maintain the youthful look and erase all the aging sign. Currently, she is at her 38 years old, and normally this is the time when wrinkles and lines started to appear. And in this case, plastic surgery works well for her because it helps her to retain the flawless facial skin and she looks younger than she ever imagined before. We can see from the images of Sarah Chalke that Botox injection may be the most suggestive procedure taken by the actress. It gives her the best outcome the injection may give because the result of plastic surgery is so astounding with a flawless face and lasted natural beauty. The previous appearance of Sarah Chalke is enhanced by the help of makeup surgery, and the confidence of the actress will be boosted up every time she checks herself in the mirror. And although the actress always tries to say that she involves herself in veggie diet and healthy lifestyle, the rumor of her plastic surgery has too obvious proofs to be denied.

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